The changes bring these policies and procedures in line with the latest guidance enabling issues to be dealt with more quickly in a supportive environment.

Student Services reviewed practice in the light of the release of updated guidance and following consultation with the Students’ Union and the Office of the University Secretary recommended to Senate the following changes.

In the Student Discipline Regulations for Students (Regulations 7 and 8), we have:

  • added specific reference to the Dignity and Respect Policy in 7.4 (f) to make the link to student discipline and behaviour cited in the Policy clearer
  • clarified the University’s role in relation the role of the Police in responding to disciplinary breaches
  • clarified the link between student discipline and fitness to study

In the Fitness to Study policy, we have:

  • clarified that Student Services can now initiate Stage 2 of the Policy
  • added the option for recommendation of a temporary suspension at different stages where risk is sufficiently high
  • updated language to reflect job roles and department titles

Regulations for Students 7 and 8 and the Fitness to Study policy have now been updated with these changes.

Guidance on Preliminary Disciplinary Procedures (including a guide for students attending a disciplinary meeting) is available and Student Services is developing additional guidance to help students and staff understand and navigate the Fitness to Study process.

You can get confidential, free support with any welfare issues from the Wellbeing Service and the Students’ Union provides independent advice and support for all students.

Anthony Payne
Director of Student Services