If you need to return to University buildings to collect equipment it is essential that you book an allocated time slot so that the University can ensure social distancing and other control measures are in place. This is for your protection and for those colleagues who are working on campus.

You should not attempt to collect items if you have not booked a slot. If you, or a member of your household, develop symptoms of Covid-19, you must strictly follow the Government’s isolation procedures and not come into University buildings.

Each building has a booking form. Please book your slot from the list.

Thursday 3 September 11:00-12:00

1 West Booking form

1 West/North Booking form

3 West Booking form

3 West/North Booking form

5 West Booking form

7 West Booking form

9 West Booking form

Thursday 3 September 14:00-15:00

1 East Booking form

3 East Booking form

Estates booking form

Tuesday 8 September 11:00-12:00

1 South Booking form

2 South Booking form

3 South Booking form

4 South Booking form

Milner Building Booking form

Tuesday 8 September 14:00-15:00

East Building Booking form

Edge Booking form

Wednesday 16 September 11:00-12:00

Wessex House Booking form

10 West Booking form

Wednesday 16 September 14:00-15:00

Norwood House Booking form

Tuesday 22 September 11:00-12:00

Virgil Building Booking form

Tuesday 22 September 14:00-15:00

Wessex House Booking form

Once you have booked, please follow the instructions in the booking form. If your building is not shown, or you are unable to come to campus on the date given for your building, please email SHEW-service@bath.ac.uk.

Please note, before you travel:

  1. You will need to bring your Library card in order to swipe into any card-access locations you are visiting, and any office keys where needed.

  2. If you need assistance to help carry or move items you may bring one other person with you for this. That person must stay with you at all times.

  3. Please read the guidelines on protecting yourself and others on campus.

  4. Please read the manual handling risk assessment and ensure you and any person accompanying you are able to comply with the requirements for safe lifting and moving of items.

  5. Please park in the car park closest to the building you are visiting in order to minimise distance of travel especially with heavy or awkward loads.

  6. You should book a slot only if there is essential work equipment or belongings that you need in order to carry on working from home.

  7. You may not send someone to collect items on your behalf.

  8. This booking is to collect essential equipment and belongings only, not to spend time working in your office, which requires permission from your Head of Department.

  9. You may use lifts to transport larger items, but you must not travel in the lift with them. This is because the lift engineers do not currently have the capacity to attend quickly for such emergencies.

If for any reason you miss your booking slot please contact SHEW-service@bath.ac.uk for advice.