The University has recently reviewed its confidential waste operation and will be improving the processes around this to ensure that it meets the required standards. The use of bags for confidential paper waste will continue in a limited number of areas, mainly locked offices, but will be phased out elsewhere. The use of new locked containers will be introduced as a trial in certain areas. The new bins are suitable for restricted or highly restricted printed material as defined in the Information Classification Scheme. Please note that the keys to these bins are not kept on site, so once something is put in the container, it cannot be retrieved.

The areas that have been selected for the trial are those that have the most confidential waste over the past few months, namely Wessex House, 8 West, the East Building and the Estates office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Facilities Team Manager Sharon Ventress for operational matters or the Data Owners for any questions on the sensitivity of the data. If this is not clear, please ask the Data Protection Team.

More information about confidential waste disposal can be found here.