A level results are published on Thursday 15 August. The University will be operating a Confirmation and Clearing helpline on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August to answer calls from students who have questions about the confirmation of their place at Bath or who are looking to apply via Clearing. Any such queries should be directed to the helpline.

The helpline will be open from 7am to 5pm on Thursday 15 August and 8am to 5pm on Friday 16 August.

The University is already advertising Clearing vacancies for a wide range of courses. While available vacancies are likely to change ahead of A level results day, we expect to have vacancies available for a wide range of subjects on A level results day (15 August). Further Clearing information for prospective students is available on our Clearing 2019 webpages.

Information for students who have already made an application to study at Bath and have queries about the confirmation of their place is available on the getting exam results webpage.