The University’s Centre for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) utilises cutting edge technology from physics and engineering, interfaced with biology/chemistry, to treat immune, inflammatory and cancer-related diseases.

The 2019 showcase event encouraged academic and industry interactions, designed to foster the development of translation and innovation that will culminate in creating effective medicines for future patient benefit.

There was a total of 27 speakers throughout the day, with round table discussions, focused on priority topics of drug development, discovery and delivery; cell signalling and function in clinical translation and innovation; molecular biophysics and advanced bioimaging; and paths to innovation.

There were representatives from external organisations, including Cancer Research UK, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Pharmidex, FASTBASE SOLUTIONS, IP Group, the Medical Research Council, Thomson Reuters, Bio-Techne, Gammadelta Therapeutics, and “Institut Chimi- CNRS” in Paris.

Academic researchers attended from the University of Oxford, Harvard Medical School, King’s College, the University of Nottingham, the Francis Crick Institute, Texas A&M University, the University of the Basque Country and University of Miguel Hernandez, Spain.

Professor Chick Wilson, Associate for Dean for Research (Science) at the University, opened the event with Professor Banafshé Larijani, newly appointed Director of the CTI. She is also Chief Scientific Officer of FASTBASE Solutions Ltd, a cancer diagnostic/prognostic company she co-founded, and which has been awarded numerous EU peer-reviewed grants.

Professor Wilson said: “CTI is a fine example of the interdisciplinary approach we take to research here in Bath; this showcase event has signalled how this excellent interdisciplinary research can be coupled with innovation and translational activities to target delivery of a range of healthcare solutions.”

Professor Larijani commented: “With CTI we will acquire a common scientific culture leading to an international Centre of Research Excellence translating innovation to personalised medicine.”

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian White, addressed delegates with a message at the concluding Paths to Innovation session.

Professor White said: “As universities evolve, it is critical that they adopt a multi-disciplinary, innovative and collaborative approach to global challenges such as cancer. I have been impressed to see just how quickly the CTI has moved to identify the role that the University of Bath can play in such a hugely significant arena.”

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, University of Bath Vice President and Dean of the School of Management, closed the day with concluding remarks.

The CTI plans to build on the outcomes of the showcase, further translating discoveries for the medical sector and patient benefit.

CTI would like to thank our sponsors of this event, The Corporate Engagement Team, The International Partnership team, the Medical Research Council and the University of Bath.

For support collaborating with the CTI contact:

Professor Banafshe Larijani, Chair of Centre for Therapeutic Innovation
Email: Tel: 01225 384040