Our ability to run face-to-face training, particularly for new starters, has been severely limited by the Covid restrictions this Semester. Nevertheless, we are now able to safely provide most aspects of training and support on many of our instruments, so if you have a need for training please contact the relevant Instrument Specialist in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

We have produced many online guides and videos to assist with training this year. Specifically, we now have a dedicated MC² moodle site, where we are starting to collate a wide range of training and information documents (just log into moodle and search for “MC2”, you can then self-enrol to access all the information). On these pages you will find a video giving an overview of all the analysis capabilities within MC², and then specific sections giving training information for some of techniques. For example, you will be able to find videos showing you how to submit samples to the open access mass spectrometry and NMR instruments, sample preparation guides, introductions to some of the thermal characterisation techniques, and even a lecture on statistics for chemists!

Another useful site is the MC² wiki page: https://wiki.bath.ac.uk/display/MC2. This contains more detailed information about all the different techniques provided within MC². It includes explanations of what each instrument does, instructions for booking instrument time, guides for preparing your samples and processing your data, and information to assist with some common questions and problems. The wiki page also includes the presentations for the set of postgraduate NMR lectures that we have been unable to deliver this year, sadly without the coffee and cake that are normally supplied.

MC² is definitely open for business, so do get in touch with us if you have any questions.