Today marks the launch of the Digital, Data & Technology Group (DD&T), the new name for Computing Services. Over the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out our name change online and on campus. Existing systems and processes remain unchanged.

Pronounced D, DAT, our change in title reflects a shift in our approach to adopt a more inclusive approach beyond just IT - the goal to meet people's needs better.

To achieve this, over the coming months we will focus on:

  • service transformation: continuing to design, develop and deliver world-class digital services and to be a University that operates in a modern and efficient way, from front-end learning and teaching to back-office administration
  • skills and capability: developing the skills among people, and bringing together pedagogy and the supporting infrastructure to design services that are focused on outcomes for students and academics
  • supporting research, learning and teaching: providing better tools and processes to make it easier for all our staff and students to work and study effectively, including up-to-date workplace IT and digital tools, improved processes, and a common technology toolkit
  • data: making better use of data – not just for reporting and transparency, but for collaboration and insight, enabling us to do more.
  • shared platforms: creating, operating, iterating and embedding good use of shared platforms that are interoperable and reusable to give us more scope and integration.