Widening Participation is looking for researchers at the University of Bath to mentor a Nuffield student for 4-6 weeks over summer 2018. Any researcher, from Doctoral student to Professor, can volunteer for this opportunity, and you can get together in a small group to host one or two Year 12 students.

The University is the base for the South West Region of the Nuffield Research Placements scheme. The aim of the NRP scheme is to inspire the next generation of young people to consider STEM research as a career and to promote social mobility by prioritising the opportunity of a placement to those who would benefit the most.

Nuffield Placements last 4-6 weeks with the student working alongside a researcher to carry out their own project. This can be office, field or lab-based, employing practical and/or data analysis skills. Students write a scientific report on their work which is submitted to the Nuffield Foundation

The scheme has run across the UK for more than 20 years and is co-funded by the Wellcome Trust, Research Councils UK, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Microbiology Society.

All of last summer’s students are now applying for university and have described their Nuffield experiences in their UCAS personal statements. The University of Bath hosted 17 students on campus over the summer (nearly into the top 10 universities across the UK!). Several students enjoyed their time at the University so much that they have now applied for and been offered places to study here next year.

A huge thank you to all of the University of Bath researchers across all departments who hosted Nuffield students last summer!

Commenting on why he got involved Doctoral student Alex Cousen, who supervised a Nuffield Research Placement student in the summers of 2016 and 2017, said: “This experience helped me develop my own teaching and communication skills and played a helping hand as the placement student assisted with the research for my current research paper. In addition, researchers can meet the criteria outlined in the Vitae Researcher Development Framework, in particular, the Engagement, influence and impact (Domain D) aspect by hosting a Nuffield Placement student.”

Year 12 students from the SW region (Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bristol and Bath) are currently registering their interest, and we will match the interests of the students to the placement offers.