'A Slice of Research' seminar series, organized by Peter King, (PhD Programme Economics), will see researchers sharing subjects as diverse as slavery, feeling full, banking crises and Tourette syndrome, over a slice of pizza and a drink.

With over a dozen speakers signed up so far, Peter has been delighted with the response so far to his idea:

Presenting your research ideas at an early stage to get feedback on your direction and style is a valuable step in research but many researchers lack the opportunity or confidence to present in formal settings. With generous support from my Faculty and the Doctoral College, I have organised this informal series to help doctoral students to practice and communicate their research. All doctoral students are more than welcome to come along, support their colleagues, learn about the huge range of engaging research we're undertaking.

The full 'A Slice of Research' line up, which runs fortnightly in the Wessex Restaurant from 18 February, is as follows:

18 February

  • Protein and calcium: the key to fullness? - Jonathan Watkins (Health)

  • Banking crises - Samuel Bodunrin (Economics)

  • Cyborg visions for national competitiveness & defense - Anna Roessing (PoLIS)

3 March

  • Labour market inequalities amongst UK-born university graduates: What drives wage differentials between ethnic groups?- Kostas Kollydas (Economics)

  • Vote Leave and Leave.EU: a false distinction? - Katy Brown (PoLIS)

  • Just how white can a researcher be? - Tom Avery (Education)

17 March

  • Why do our pro-environmental attitudes matter?- Andrew Wainwright (Economics)

  • How many sexes should we expect? - Yvonne Krumbeck (Mathematics)

  • It is NOT only a twitch - Hasnain Lalji (Pharmacy and Pharmacology)

31 March

  • University responses to modern slavery legislation: chasing our tails - Mike Rogerson (Management)

  • Social evaluation learning in depression - Katie Hobbs (Psychology)

  • Differences in benevolent personality traits relate to positive relationship quality in romantic couples - Lukas Litzellachner (Psychology)

'A Slice of Research' is funded by The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (One World Project) and The Doctoral College Activities Fund. Tickets are free for doctoral students.

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If you'd be interested in speaking at a future 'A Slice of Research' event, please email Peter King