The deadline to submit your Outstanding Contribution form is Friday 28 October, 5pm, don't forget!

What is the Outstanding Contribution Scheme?

Outstanding Contribution (OC) is awarded where employees are adding value through contributions and behaviours, and using initiative and supporting others to improve the service delivered, over a sustained period of time.

The OC scheme offers an opportunity for those who have reached the grade maximum or who are already within exceptional contribution points to receive an additional spine point. You can nominate yourself or a colleague to be considered for an OC award, or your line manager can nominate you. If successful, your salary will increase by one spine point.

What do I need to do?

  1. Check you are eligible on our contribution pay scheme webpage
  2. Read the guidance for staff and advice on writing a nomination
  3. Complete a nomination form for yourself, a colleague, or a member of your team
  4. Submit by the deadlines set - please refer to the timelines webpage

The deadline for Recognising Excellence is Friday 21 November, for more information on this scheme please visit our contribution pay scheme webpage.