We know there have been frustrations around bus services to the University. We are sorry to hear about the issues experienced by our students, staff and visitors.

First Bus, like many other bus operators, is facing a shortage of bus drivers - this is a national issue.

The University is in regular contact with First Bus, raising issues as they come to our attention and trying to find solutions.

These are five things our community can do to help the situation:

  • if you have feedback for First Bus, please email them at bath-uni.feedback@firstbus.co.uk
  • download the SafeZone app; the University will send alerts through SafeZone if we know there are problems, and you can also use the app to contact our Security team if you feel like you’re in an unsafe situation
  • please don’t endanger fellow passengers, and queue in an orderly way; there have been some examples of pushing and shoving, which could lead to a serious injury
  • please be drink aware and know your limits; if a passenger is sick on a bus, that vehicle goes out of service for the night
  • let’s treat each other with respect; we know delays can be frustrating, but the bus drivers are working hard to keep our community on the move.