What is your role within MC²?

I am a General Technician based in 1 South. Working three days per week for MC², my main task is keeping our NMRs filled with liquid nitrogen. I also support other teammates on general needs, such as lab maintenance, and when they require an extra pair of hands.

How long have you worked here, and what did you do before this?

I have just completed 3 years (January 2022). My experience before MC² is quite broad and I have been through many different areas and jobs. Mailing officer, waiter, chemistry teacher are just few examples of it. However, IT has been the predominant in my life and I have always been working with it in parallel (when it was not my main job).

What happens in your typical workday? And what would you say is the best bit of your job?

In contrast with many of my colleagues, my tasks are based in the same routine. First thing of the day is checking whether something outstanding needs my attention, then preparing and filling the NMR magnets with liquid nitrogen. Even though it is tedious, working in a well know routine helps me to organise my day, which I really appreciate.

What is the worst part about your job?

All my daily plans are based around liquid nitrogen delivery schedule and any delays on its delivery breaks all my plans. Luckily it does not happen often.

Tell us about a recent proud moment you had at work - Why was this special?

As my work is based in a strict routine, there are few moments that highlight. However, I feel proud about myself when I can help my colleagues in tasks that are out of our skills. For instance, a couple of years ago I could help fix our TGA in a rather delicate process.

Who inspired you as a child, and who inspires you now?

I am going to be a bit cliché, but my mother is who inspires me. She always says: Whatever you have to do, always do your best.

Do you have any hidden talents, and anything specific you still want to learn?

I am a geek and computers are a big part of my life. Recently, I have been studying data analytics and data science. I also have some skills regarding 3D graphics design.

If you could choose anything at all, what would your Friday evening meal consist of? Would you cook it yourself?

I love cooking and, does not matter what, I would cook it myself. As a Brazilian, I could not choose anything else but a nice churrasco (barbeque).