We are setting up activities to help you meet and get to know other doctoral students. Your department or Centre for Doctoral Training will also be running events.

During August and September, we'll start listing events and activities that will run throughout the 2017/18 academic year.

Doctoral Welcome team

We are creating a small team of current doctoral students who are keen to make sure that you feel at home within our community as quickly as possible.

Our Doctoral Welcome team will be in position by the end of August 2017 and will be working on a programme of social and networking events.

They have all been in your position and found the best way to have a really positive start at Bath is to build a supportive network of colleagues and friends.

The team will be there to answer any questions you might have about doctoral life, to point you in the right direction for advice or anything else you might need, or just to offer a cup of tea and a chat.

Peer mentoring

Some research groups, departments and faculties have a peer mentoring scheme for doctoral students to help you get settled into doctoral life.