If you hold a full-time Student / Tier 4 visa, there are limits on the number of hours you are allowed to work in the UK, paid or unpaid, for any organisation. If you breach these restrictions in any way this may result in your visa being cancelled and you being deported from the UK.

You are not allowed to work if you are on a part-time Student / Tier 4 visa.

To work and maintain your immigration status you must:

  • provide documentary evidence of your right to work in the UK (which can be different to your right to study) before you start any work – this is a separate check from your right to study check
  • work no more than a total of 20 hours (10 hours for pre-sessional students) in any one week (Monday to Sunday) in term time
  • work no more than a total of 36.5 hours in any one week (Mon to Sun) during ‘vacation time’. This varies depending on whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate taught or doctoral student.

More information on this is provided on the working in the UK during your studies web page.

The University’s Student / Tier 4 visa worker Booking System

To protect you and the University, we have developed a Student / Tier 4 visa worker Booking System. You can use it to book work, see how many hours you are able to work in a week, and get paid for the work you do.

You will only be paid for work completed at the University of Bath if it has been booked in advance on the Booking System.

The booking system is for paid workers only, and only covers the work you do at the University of Bath.

Making sure that you do not work more than you are allowed

It is your responsibility to make sure that other work you do, paid or unpaid, does not exceed the total number of hours your visa allows. Before you agree to carry out any work, you must make sure it would not mean you work more hours than you are permitted, especially if you do other work, paid or unpaid, for any other organisation.

If you have a Student / Tier 4 visa and carry out hourly-paid work for the University of Bath, you should read:

If you have any questions about working during your studies, email studentimmigrationservice@bath.ac.uk.