The University has a new internal process for selection and support of candidates for the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Fellowships scheme, anticipated in July 2021/20.

Successful applicants to the internal selection will have a mentor in their research area, as well as cohort support from Research and Innovation Services (RIS). This will give a much greater period for proposal development before the RAEng Research Fellowships call opens over the summer.

Selection to the cohort will be based on:

  • fit to University of Bath research strengths and potential for a supportive host environment
  • fit to the call

The internal selection process will take place in two stages.

Candidates selected in the first stage cohort will receive mentorship from a senior academic and support from RIS to develop their proposal for a second, internal peer-review panel stage.

A maximum of three candidates will be selected to submit to the RAEng. This will ensure both institutional quotas are met, and candidates are on track to submit competitive bids. Applicants not selected to go through to the second stage will received feedback.

Two fellowship schemes are anticipated:

  • Research Fellowships
  • Engineering for Development Research Fellowships

The anticipated positive action from the RAEng will contribute to improving diversity in the talent pipeline.

For more information on what these fellowships see the Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowships pages and their guidance notes.

How to apply

RIS will be holding an @Home with RAEng Research Fellowships on Thursday 10 December 11.15-12.05.

To be considered for selection to the first stage of cohort support you need to:

  1. Complete an expression of interest proforma.
  2. Submit your EoI with your CV and Summary by 16.00 on Thursday 28 January 2021 to Dr Chloe Turner:

External candidates may apply to this call and are encouraged to start developing their relationship with research groups and potential mentors at Bath in advance of applying.

Key dates

  • 10 December 2020: @Home with RAEng Research Fellowships briefing event
  • 28 January 2021: Deadline for applications for cohort support
  • Mid February 2021: Outcome of first stage, cohort selection and allocation of a mentor
  • July 2021: RAEng opens call and selection of second stage candidates to submit by the University of Bath
  • End September 2021: Anticipated Royal Academy of Engineering deadline
  • Early May 2022: RAEng interviews