In some situations it is safer to remain inside a building, with the doors and windows closed, rather than evacuating. This is called ‘invacuation’.

This may be necessary for a number of reasons, including a leak of dangerous chemicals or a security incident. A practice invacuation is planned for the very near future so please make sure you know what to do.

If you are outside when the siren sounds please move inside the nearest building closing windows and doors, if inside remain in the safety of the building. You should also advise others (such as visitors) of the correct course of action as you would in a real life situation.

There is a short training module on Moodle, which provides you with essential information about invacuation and examples of the incident and all clear sirens. This is available via the search facility or can be accessed by the Staying Safe and Well website and forms a crucial part of ensuring that you remain safe whilst at the University.

If accessing directly via Moodle:
Sign in using your username and password
Search for Health & Safety Training, click ‘enrol me’ and then click on ‘Invacuation’

If you have any queries about the module, or accessing them, please contact Mark Burton.

Mark Humphriss
University Secretary and Chair of the Health and Safety Committee