LITEbox Santander Technology Fund supports a new weekly Spanish radio programme. This will be a two-year project that aims to explore the use of broadcasting media to enhance language learning and intercultural awareness.

This is a great opportunity to explore new and creative approaches to learning and teaching languages by engaging students in the design and delivery of a radio programme, opening up new ways to develop language skills and reflect on cultural and intercultural issues. The language and intercultural skills acquired will contribute greatly to the future employability of our students who are likely to work in multinational and multicultural environments. Students will produce materials in Spanish, manage and run the radio programme. This will provide them with an opportunity to stretch and develop their language skills in reading, speaking, writing and listening. Furthermore, students will be required to consider timetables, resources and content, hence developing transferable skills, such as time managment and resource managment.

The content will be based on Hispanic issues and, in particular, those of interest to those students studying here at the University of Bath. This project is a collaboration between the Skills Centre (Foreign Languages) and POLIS.

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