You have the opportunity to meet with a language specialist in the Language Learning Zone from Monday 24 September to Friday 5 October. During a session with our language specialist, you will be able to:

  • get advice on the best level to enrol on, if you are thinking of joining a language class, but you are unsure on which one to join
  • ask questions about the language classes. You might, for instance, want to find out more about their content, how many students are in a class, if they are assessed or how you can enrol.
  • ask for advice about the use of resources for independent study

Who will be available to help you?

You will meet the Foreign Languages Course Leader and the Language Learning Zone Manager, who will be available to you from 10.00am to 4.00pm every day. You will also be able to meet with language teachers on the following days and times:

Language Day Time
Arabic Monday 10am to 11am
Arabic Friday 2pm - 3pm
French Monday 12pm (midday) - 1pm
French Thursday 12pm (midday) - 1pm
German Tuesday 12pm (midday) - 1pm
German Thursday 10am to 11am
Italian Tuesday 2pm - 3pm
Italian Wednesday 12pm (midday) - 1pm
Japanese Wednesday 2pm - 3pm
Japanese Thursday 3pm - 4pm
Mandarin Chinese Monday 2pm - 3pm
Mandarin Chinese Wednesday 10am - 11am
Portuguese Thursday 2pm - 3pm
Portuguese Friday 12pm (midday) - 1pm
Spanish Tuesday 10am - 11am
Spanish Friday 10am to 11am