The Attendance Monitoring and Engagement Policy for Tier 4 visa holders has been substantially revised for 2019/20.

Staff are expected to familiarise themselves with the content of the policy, which takes effect from 23 September 2019, and with its relevant implementation process.

Key changes

  • Former contact points, where taught Tier 4 students were required to sign in using their library card at central events, have been replaced with physical attendance at regular timetabled teaching ‘key events’, such as lectures and seminars
  • Students will be required to evidence their attendance by checking-in at the start of all timetabled teaching events via an “Attendance Monitoring Check-in” app. Students will be able to check-in either manually or by scanning the QR code in the teaching space
  • Tier 4 students will be required to register on the “Attendance Monitoring Check-in” app on their mobile device during registration. Any student unable to download the app will need to contact the Student Immigration Service so that specific arrangements for attendance monitoring can be made with their department
  • Although students are required to check-in during all timetabled teaching events, only one timetabled event per week will be selected by the Student Immigration Service as the ‘key event’ for engagement purposes. No notification will be given as to which event has been selected and this will vary week-by-week and student-by-student
  • Alternative key events must be agreed between the department and the Student Immigration Service for specific groups of students if the standard key events do not apply to them. Please ensure you liaise with the Student Immigration Service if your Tier 4 students do not follow a standard regular teaching pattern
  • The Tier 4 Authorised Absence policy has been revised in line with the new weekly key event checks – students will now be expected to request an authorised absence if they intend to be away from longer than 7 calendar days (replacing the previous 14-day timeline)

Staff engagement

The Student Immigration Service will monitor Tier 4 students’ key events and overall attendance, however the primary responsibility for monitoring student attendance and engagement lies with academic departments and all staff need to be mindful of this.

The University is required to meet strict reporting deadlines by the Home Office, and also needs an audit trail where a potential problem is identified. The cooperation of all staff is required to ensure that the University remains compliant with its duties as a Tier 4 Sponsor.

Student engagement

Tier 4 students will be made aware of the new policy requirements and will be invited to information sessions during which the new policy will be explained and guidance on using the app will be provided.

As per last year, the policy does not apply to students on Master’s courses of less than 13 months due to the University’s participation in the Tier 4 visa pilot.