How the new coffee was chosen

In 2016 staff and students came to a coffee morning to blind taste coffees from a variety of different suppliers.

We listened to the feedback from the tasting when considering potential suppliers to help us decide the best coffee for some of the bars and eateries on campus.

The most popular coffee with staff and students at the tasting was Landscape by Grumpy Mule, supplied by Peros.

Because of your feedback, Grumpy Mule Landscape coffee is now being served at 4W Café, Sports Café and CAFE.

Tiki coffee will be served at Lime Tree, Parade Bar and Grill, Claverton Rooms and Fountain Canteen.

The winning coffee

Grumpy Mule Landscape coffee is organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means that the coffee producer meets required environmental, social and economic sustainable standards.

Landscape Espresso comes from organic smallholdings in Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia and Indonesia. It is slow roasted to keep the dark chocolate, caramel depth whilst also offering fresh, soft fruit flavours.

Landscape Filter coffee comes from Peru and Honduras and is roasted to give a balanced, caramel chocolate with stone fruit finish.

As well as the new coffee we have also given the 4W Café a fresh look. We hope you like it!

Our Fairtrade commitment

The University is committed to using ethically sourced food in our eateries. We have won a Fairtrade Gold Award in recognition of our continued commitment to Fairtrade products, promotions and events, as well as our efforts over Fairtrade Fortnight for 2015 and 2016.

We only serve Fairtrade coffee that helps producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainability.

Grumpy Mule Fairtrade coffee helps co-operatives in countries such as Honduras and Colombia to freely operate and gain access to international markets. The co-operatives provide financial, training and technical assistance to their members and more than 250 other farmers in the region. It looks at implementing sustainable, community development projects like generating bio-fuel from coffee waste, organic fertiliser and a women’s coffee roastery.

Since 2009 the University has bought the equivalent of 47 tonnes of green coffee from our other supplier, Matthew Algie. This has contributed approximately £35,000 to Fairtrade Social and Organic Premiums, which has been reinvested in projects like building roads and school classrooms in Ethiopia, delivering first aid training to 1,700 people in Kenya or providing over 124 computers and printers to people in Thailand.

Read more about the University’s commitment to Fairtrade here.