From Monday 23 November 15,000 students and 3,500 staff at the University of Bath will be able to access free daily mindfulness and meditation sessions on a bespoke online wellbeing channel run through the Edge Arts centre and Team Bath at the University. These classes complement the free daily exercise classes already available to staff and students at the University.

Founder of Meditation Rocks and Co-founder of The Hive Yoga Studio Lucy Stone will offer 30 minute mindfulness, meditation and breathwork sessions every weekday until Christmas.

Lucy said: “I am so happy to be working with the University of Bath on this incredibly innovative project, it’s such a strange time for us all, and just finding some ways to build and weave in some mindfulness and meditation into your life can really help with mental health, wellbeing and happiness.”

Lucy added: “It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or whether you are a seasoned meditator, the sessions are a useful reminder to take a pause and slow down, to find some peace and calm and space within your day.”

The full wellbeing timetable for students and staff is available here and can be booked here.

Lucy’s 30-minute sessions are running:

  • Monday at 10.15am - Mindfulness
  • Tuesday at 10.15am - Meditation
  • Wednesday at 12.15pm - Mindfulness
  • Thursday at 10.15am - Breathwork
  • Friday at 10.45am - Meditation

Lucy continued: “As we enter our second lockdown, it can really help to build a daily routine which might include physical movement, meditation around our studies or work, as well as contact (albeit virtual or digital) with others”

Cassie Wilson, Vice President Student Experience at the University of Bath said: “Mental wellbeing is always important, but especially now. University of Bath is the first University to join CAMPUS from Meditation Rocks, bespoke online programmes created from a combination of live mindfulness of meditation sessions and or bespoke pre-recorded content, specifically for universities to help staff and students.”