GSK and the University of Bath have awarded PhD funding to Dr Ruth Webster (Department of Chemistry) and Dr Anneke Lubben (MC²) for a unique PhD studentship, titled Iron catalysed, site-selective functionalisation: Cutting edge analysis for state-of-the-art synthesis, starting in September 2022. In this project the knowledge already gained from studying the selective deuteration of alkenes will be leveraged to develop a regioselective transfer hydrofunctionalisation of unactivated alkenes. The researcher’s synthetic and new reaction development expertise, coupled to the development of bespoke mass spectrometry methodology, will perfectly position the student to accomplish the objectives of the proposal.

However the studentship is not merely centred around cutting-edge synthetic methodology in base metal catalysis: the proposal is student-focused, whereby the MC² team will upskill the researcher to gain in-depth knowledge of the techniques used in their work and prepare them to become a leader in the analytical chemistry talent pool. The studentship follows a unique format where the student will spend 20% of their time seconded to MC², working with the mass spectrometry team to develop expert mass spectrometry analysis skills aligned and beyond the scope of their research topic, as well as to provide general support to users of the MS service.

We have appointed Rofiat Shoetan to this very special role, and are very much looking forward to her joining us.