11 June was the first meeting of the Parents' Network, which has been set up by Tamsin Foxwell. "As an expectant mum, I was keen to start the group to create a self-sustaining, support network across the University. I appreciate how challenging the road to parenthood can be and with so many people experiencing these challenges, it felt helpful to bring together the expertise and advice of others – whether that’s juggling the physical and emotional experiences of pregnancy, fostering or adoption or managing the challenges of parenting young children alongside a busy workload."

The group has been set up as an inclusive, welcoming support for all staff who are parents. The Network will meet monthly, in a social space, and aims to connect people with others who are experiencing, or have experienced the same changes or challenges due to parenthood. Guest speakers will also be invited along to present on relevant topics, and an email group, detailing upcoming events, and what’s been happening, will be created to keep members up to date (including those who are on parental leave, but want to keep in touch with the Network).

If you’re interested in joining the Network, please get in touch with Tamsin Foxwell.