Are you looking to develop knowledge and skills to enhance the impact of your research?

Have you identified a training opportunity to help you?

If so, this call could be for you.

We have a number of training bursaries to support you with your development needs. These bursaries can be used to fund a wide range of development opportunities depending on your needs and the needs of your research. So, whether this is to develop your skills in:

  • embedding impact into your grant applications
  • increasing your knowledge around the activities to achieve impact such as knowledge exchange, co-production, implementation science
  • activities to enhance the visibility of your research such as data visualisation, website design, social media or story-telling
  • or enhancing the way you monitor and evaluate your research impact; then you are eligible to apply

Please note this list is not exhaustive and so if you can show how the training can enhance impact do apply.


We have a total budget of £2,500 within our research impact fund to support these applications. We have set a maximum budget of £1,000 for each application, however we expect many applications will be well below this.

Who is eligible

All members of staff at the University of Bath undertaking or supporting research are eligible to apply.


All courses must be booked and completed by 31 July 2022.

Application process

Complete and submit the impact training bursary application form.

This asks you to set out a few key pieces of information including information about the training provider, justification for the training and the costs attached. You will be asked to explain why you need this funding outside of your research project resources or allotted CPD funding.

The application process is now open. Applications can be submitted at any time and we hope to notify you of the outcome of your application within five working days of receipt. The application process will close at the end of June or when the budget has been spent.


In return we ask you to:

  • write a short blog / reflection of the key messages from the training to be included on the research impact toolkit and/or blog site
  • apply the insights you have acquired (where possible)
  • feedback to the team after 6 and 12 months what difference this has made to you and your research (if any)


If you have any questions about this call, please contact Emma Gibbard, Research Impact Manager in Research and Innovation Services (RIS) on