There are some devices that cannot connect to eduroam, the University's Wi-Fi network. Until now, these devices have used the Legacy network instead.

What is changing

The 'Legacy' Wi-Fi network is being replaced with a new network called "UoB-IoT". The new network will become available for use from Wednesday 31 August, after which time it will no longer be possible to make new device registrations on ‘Legacy’.

UoB-IoT uses the latest Wi-Fi security, encrypting the connection between devices and access points by requiring a unique, per device password, issued during UoB-IoT registration.

When should the UoB-IoT network be used

Only devices that are not able to connect to eduroam should use UoB-IoT. These are usually devices that cannot use 802.1x authentication.

Existing devices on Legacy

Any existing registrations on ‘Legacy’ will continue to work until their natural expiry within a year. At that time you will need to follow on-screen instructions to renew and move to UoB-IoT. Alternatively you may manually switch over at any time following the instructions linked below.

How to register for UoB-IoT

If your device cannot connect to eduroam, you need to register your device for UoB-IoT.

Help and support

If you are experiencing difficulties registering for the UoB-IoT Wi-Fi network, you should raise an IT Help Request.