eduroam is a free, global Wi-Fi service for University staff and students. You can use it at many other universities around the world. If you are visiting from another university which uses eduroam, you can connect to the service here using your own university login details.

Wi-Fi security and the eduroam network

The eduroam service is a little different to a normal Wi-Fi network – it is known as a “roaming” service and your University credentials will be accepted anywhere the network is broadcast, not just on campus. This is a huge benefit for the academic community but in order to achieve this safely and securely we rely on the same Public Key Infrastructure that protects everything you do online.

When you connect to a network like eduroam, your device must first trust the security certificate sent by your home organisation's authentication servers. If you set up your device yourself, you're asked to verify this yourself since it cannot check while offline. Using our Network Assistant ensures that your device is already set up to only trust the University of Bath's servers, ensuring that nobody can fool your device into connecting to a fake eduroam network.

What's changing

The University's eduroam security certificate is expiring soon and will be replaced on Tuesday 9 August, from 8am. Expiry naturally happens every 2 years.

What you need to do

If your device has not yet been configured with the Network Assistant, and is not a University Managed Device you should reconfigure it now, or before Tuesday, 9 August:

  • If your device has an internet connection (such as a 4G mobile phone) you can use the eduroam configuration tool Choose the 'eduroam' option and follow the setup instructions

  • If your device does not have an internet connection, you can connect to the Setup Assistant wireless network, which will guide you through the setup

Using the Network Assistant helps protect your university credentials when connecting to the eduroam network and ensures your device gets the most secure and reliable connection.