About the AT Rooms

The Library in collaboration with the Assistive Technology Team are pleased to announce the opening of a new, additional Assistive Technology Room for students. Considering the popularity of the existing room before the pandemic, and the current Covid-19 safety guidelines in place, the University has decided to increase the provision for students who require the space.

With the current safety measures, the current room 2.10b seats only one student (or one student with a carer).

The new room 2.10c, is located at the back of the library, next to the existing room and with current safety measures, can seat up to two students.

Both rooms are equipped with:

  • Automatic doors
  • Ergonomic workstations with height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs
  • Computers with position adjustable, standard or touchscreen monitors and Assistive Technology Software
  • Networked, low level colour printers/scanners
  • Additional space for students wishing to use their own laptops
  • Dimmable lights
  • Whiteboards

In the existing room 2.10b, students can additionally access:

  • A Braille Embosser,
  • An electronic magnifier
  • A Projector

Room Access

You can request access to the AT Room by contacting Disability Services.

If you feel you need access to the room, but you do not have a disability or a medical condition and have other reasons why you need access, please contact the Assistive Technology Team.

Book your space

Please make sure you book your space via the University study space booking system. If you require carer’s assistance, we encourage you to use room 2.10b. If this is not possible, please book both spaces in 2.10c to avoid breaking recommendations for maximum room capacity.

Learn more about the support available from the Assistive Technology Team.