A new product is being launched as part of the PAM solution for research grant applications.

The new form is a digital reworking on the current, paper based, Equipment Request (EQR1) form, and is being deployed on Monday 28 January. Research academics use this form as part of the process of making an application for funding, in relation to purchasing equipment.

From 28 January access to the EQR1 form will be available through PAM and the Research and Innovation Services (RIS) web site. Both routes will take you to the new EQR1 dashboard where you can gain access to this new form. Guidance is also available from the dashboard.

The form itself is integrated within PAM, allowing data to be pushed from PAM to the form and back again. This integration will greatly improve EQR1 data quality and the reporting for EQR1 data, and therefore decision making. In addition, the form has its own workflow which provides the necessary controls for approving an EQR1 request.