PAM phase 2 enhancements and deployment

Phase two of our Proposal to Award (PAM) system will go live from 5 November 2018.

Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) says: "We are pleased to see the deployment of PAM Phase two taking place on the 5 of November. I understand that Phase two contains a significant development of PAM and, although the majority of the additional features and enhancements will affect RIS staff and not others, there are known changes to take into account for the academic PAM user.

"From the 5th onwards academics using PAM will see a change in some processes related to the RS2 and elements of the PAM application, so I encourage you all to read the below message that outlines the changes. We also look forward to the launch of two new electronic forms; Studentship and Equipment Request Forms, that are due to be deployed sometime in November."

PAM downtime

To enable essential configuration work PAM will not be available from midday on Friday 2 November until 9am on Monday 5 November.

The PAM working group and Computing Services will be in close communication during PAM downtime. If there are any issues with the configuration, instructions will be circulated immediately to the user community.

If all goes well with the configuration, access to PAM will be reinstated on the morning of 5 November. A message will be issued on the University website to inform the user community that the new version is available for use.

Ethics Form availability

The Ethics Form will be available throughout PAM downtime. All live forms will be available to the user community and workflows can be completed without PAM being live. Should a form be completed without PAM being live the Ethics Form Administrator will apply the approval dates to PAM once PAM is live.

Creating new Ethics Forms during downtime for grant funded research projects is not advised. It will be possible to create and complete a new form but the connection between PAM and the form will be lost, and data will not auto populate on the form. Wait until the new version of PAM is available before starting new Ethics Forms.

Non Grant Funded Ethics Forms can be started, added to and completed, without PAM having to be live.

New features and enhancements

A number of new features, enhancements and process changes have been made to PAM during the phase two stage of development. These changes are listed below:

Changes to PAM project fields

Phase two has allowed us to make improvements to some of the fields available to users at the project Level in PAM. The following tabs will be available once a project is created in the Wizard:

In the 'Mandatory Fields' tab

  • 'Funding Type' field indicates the type of application e.g. Donation, Equipment, Fellowship, First Grant, Travel Grant or Other
  • 'Data Management' field captures whether a Data Management Plan is required as a mandatory part of the project or not
  • 'Data Storage' field allows the academic to request more than the standard 1TB of data for their project

PAM will automatically alert the Data Management Team once an application has been 'Submitted to Funder' and again when an award has been 'Approved by Funder'.

In the 'Award Management' tab:

  • The number of options that can be selected in the 'Project Type' field has been reduced
  • The 'Award Stage' field will display terms that describe at what point the Application and Award is
  • The 'Research Centre' field lists all the centres of research that can be applied to a project

Confirmation questions in the application costing

  • Confirmation questions in the application have been extended to include reminders on Medical Research, ESRC & SSREC process
  • Space implications for new recruits
  • Implications for the purchase of large pieces of equipment

Removal of RS2 Form

From 5 November the RS2 Form will only be used in the following Award circumstances:

  • when additional funding has been awarded for a project
  • when project funds are awarded in tranches by the sponsor
  • when funds received come from more than one sponsor

In all other circumstances Pre-Award will be able to compile an Award Costing in PAM and submit that costing into an automated workflow without an RS2 for approval.

Changes to award approval workflow

PAM phase two will also change the way in which Award Costings are approved. In the new PAM process, PI’s will be included in the automated award approval workflow process rather than HoDs. This removes duplication of HoDs approving the same costings at application and award stages.

The only unusual exception is if the amount awarded is less than the application amount requested from the funder. If so Pre-Award will make an assessment and contact the HoD and PI outside of the automated workflow, to discuss resource implications. Pre-Award will only submit the costing into the award workflow on advice or guidance from the HoD and with requested adjustments to the budget.

The removal of the RS2 Form and changes in the approval workflow will result in a significant reduction in the number of award costings that the HoD will need to approve.

Professional Service notifications

PAM phase two introduces the capability to deliver automated notifications to related Professional Services. From 5 November if a project requires either more than 1TB of Data Storage and/or a requirement to recruit new personnel, PAM will automatically inform the Data Storage Team and/or HR. This provides professional services with requirements in a timely manner and minimises delays in start dates. Academics no longer need to contact the Data Storage Team as PAM does this for them.

Coming soon

New Electronic LURS and EQR1 Forms

Mid way through November 2018 two new electronic forms, similar to the Ethics Form, will be rolled out to users for equipment requests (EQR1) and leveraged studentships requests (LURS). Both forms will pull and push data from PAM thereby reducing duplication in data entry.

These tools will also improve the decision making and reporting aspects of LURS and EQR1 requests and provide an efficient way to submit and approve a request. Further information will be provided in due course.

PAM guidance

Information on PAM and guidance documentation is available on our RIS website: Using our Proposal to Award Management system