On 3 April 2023, the University will launch the new ethics system. In the first instance, this will apply to all staff and doctoral students. The new system will bring together all University processes and forms relating to research ethics, and the EIRA1 phasing out process will begin. During the spring, we encourage all staff and students to complete their existing EIRA1 forms and save PDF copies of EIRA1 forms for your own records.

The EIRA1 form will remain open until September 2023 to Undergraduate and Masters' students, and for other users with existing forms in the workflow.

From September 2023, the EIRA1 site will cease to exist, and users will no longer have access to their EIRA1 forms. Only the forms with the status ‘HoD approved’ will be archived for the central record. All other forms will be deleted. If you require a copy of your EIRA1 form, please download a PDF by September. We will not provide on-demand access to EIRA1 records centrally.