Students from Quads C accommodation block are this winners of this year's Student Switch Off competition.

The competition runs every year between all residences at the University. The halls that saves the most energy by the end of the summer term wins a prize.

This year the 33 students from Quads C that took part in the competitions, quizzes and webinars won a hospitality voucher. Students in Quads C and Conygre also won 50 tubs of Ben and Jerry's ice cream each, for scoring high in the national Climate Quiz.

Some of the impressive statistics from the campaign include:

  • 1,744 participants, almost 50% of undergraduate residents in University accommodation

  • 14 students trained as campaign ambassadors

  • An energy saving of 379,499 kWh and 88 tonnes of C02

  • A financial saving of £56,925

(Savings calculated from 212 days of occupancy in October to April, based on 3,547 students).

This is equal to carbon from 1,295 return flights from London to Manchester or 11,859,344 cups of tea.

It shows that small actions can make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

Student Switch Off is an international campaign that aims to reduce our carbon footprint and its contribution to climate change.

It encourages students to take actions like switching off lights and appliances when not in use, putting lids on pans when cooking and not overfilling kettles.

This has resulted in energy usage across all the halls dropping by 15% compared to previous years.

Nationally this year the campaign has reached over 50,000 students and saved the equivalent of 335 tonnes of CO2.