We are pleased to announce that Outstanding Contribution and Recognising Excellence for 2020/2021 have now launched and we are excited to share new features for Recognising Excellence this year.

What’s new for Recognising Excellence?

  • Two new award amounts of £100 and £1500, can be given to individuals or split across teams. Awards at £250, £500, £750 remain as part of the scheme
  • Eligibility remains at grades 2-9, but now extends to senior staff (ALC6) and Professors
  • Recognise a colleague - you can now nominate a colleague/s for a Recognising Excellence OR Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Another opportunity to gain an award will be available later in the academic year, allowing you the chance to be recognised and rewarded at two periods across 12 months

How to nominate for an Award?

  • Submit a nomination find nomination forms and guidance for writing a nomination here
  • You can nominate yourself, a colleague/s or member/s of your team for an award
  • Please ensure all nominations are with your HoD within the deadlines set - check the Contribution Pay timetable

For more information and timelines for both the Recognising Excellence and the Outstanding Contribution schemes please see the Contribution Pay webpage.