What is the Recognising Excellence Scheme?

The Recognising Excellence (RE) scheme deals with one-off payments and is managed at Department/Faculty/School level.

RE awards are to recognise where employees have demonstrated ongoing or sustained achievements throughout a 12-month period by delivering excellence through:

  • consistent and valued contributions to their team and work
  • demonstrating desired attitudes and behaviours
  • completing a project or piece of work

The scheme will now run twice a year and be launched at six-monthly intervals, with payments normally being made in December and June. It will continue to review a 12-month scheme period.

This will enable managers to have more opportunities to reward employees and be better able to recognise their contributions or achievements, closer to the achievement itself.

What do I need to do?


  1. Check you are eligible on our contribution pay scheme webpage
  2. Read the guidance for staff and advice on writing a nomination
  3. Complete a nomination form for yourself, a colleague, or a member of your team
  4. Submit to your Head of Department (HOD) or Director of Administration (DOA) by the deadlines set - please refer to the timelines webpage


  • Recognise your team and colleagues and complete a nomination form
  • Encourage your team to recognise each other and share information on the scheme
  • Ensure fairness in distribution of awards

What are the timelines?

RE is now launched and your HOD or DOA will be in touch. Please note your department may set their own deadlines for nominations to be submitted, but you can refer to the timescales webpage for scheme deadlines.

For more information, timelines for Recognising Excellence and to complete a nomination form, please see the Contribution pay scheme webpage.