What is eduroam

eduroam is a free, global Wi-Fi service for University staff and students you can connect to using your University login details. You can connect to eduroam at many other universities around the world after signing in once.

What is changing with eduroam

We are replacing the University eduroam Wi-Fi certificate to enhance the security of our network.

Devices that aren’t correctly connected to eduroam will lose connection from Thursday 30 March 2023. By making sure your device is connected using the correct methods, your device can connect to eduroam with improved safety and reliability.

What actions you need to take

If your device loses connection to eduroam, follow the relevant steps below.

Connecting to eduroam with internet access

You can connect to eduroam, if you have internet access, by following the steps on:

Connecting to eduroam without internet access

You can still connect to eduroam without internet access:

  1. Go to the network settings on your device
  2. Connect to the ‘Setup Assistant’ wireless network, which will guide you through the setup

Further support connecting to eduroam

If you have any issues when connecting to eduroam using Connect.bath, please use the self-service portal (TopDesk).