If you have University of Bath insurance, then their Global Response service should be able to assist you. Alternative insurance companies may also be able to offer assistance in these circumstances and we would advise you to contact them directly for advice on what to do.

If you are on a Study Abroad or Erasmus Work or Erasmus Study Placement then you may be able to apply for a Travel Grant via the Student Loans Company.

In the event that you have no insurance cover and you require financial assistance with the cost of being repatriated to the UK at this particular time, the University has implemented the Repatriation Financial Support Package. This financial support will initially take the form of an interest free 90-day loan.

What you Need to do in order to apply for Repatriation Funding Support Package

  • if you do not have sufficient funds to pay for your travel home, please inform your placement officer of your travel arrangements, costs and bank account details

  • they will forward these to the Student Money Advice Service and consideration will be made of supporting you through the Repatriation Financial Support Package

  • where possible you need to complete and return the application form located at the foot of this page. If you are unable to do this for either technological or practical reasons please contact studentmoneyadvice@bath.ac.uk for further advice

  • this Repatriation Financial Support Package allows financial assistance in the form of a 90 day interest- free loan

  • an offer of support from the Repatriation Financial Support Package will be made to you by email. Please email back to confirm that you are happy to accept the money on these terms

  • money once agreed can be transferred to UK bank accounts using the CHAPS payment system and usually within 24 hours.

Once Back in the UK

Once you are safely back in the UK an approach to your insurance company can be made to redeem the costs. If successful, the claimed money can then be used to repay your short-term loan. If your insurance company refuses to pay for your repatriation costs and once evidence of this is produced, then the University will transfer the Short term Loan into a non -repayable Hardship Fund Payment and you will not be required to repay the money to the University.