About the Enhancing Research Culture Fund

Improving our research culture is about ensuring that we acknowledge, choose and support the research related behaviours and actions we want to see in place and want to see transmitted and shared across the Institution.

The Enhancing Research Culture (ERC) Fund provides funding to support universities to develop activities in response to the R&D People and Culture Strategy.

The University of Bath has been awarded a new ERC Fund from Research England. Our allocation for 2022/23 is £400,000. This is the second year that this allocation has been made and we hope to build upon the activities we funded in 2021/22.

We have identified six pillars of research culture at the University of Bath: Career development, Collegiality, Open Research, Research design, Research ethics and integrity, and Research recognition. These align with the objectives of the ERC fund identified by Research England.

Building on these pillars, during the exploratory work undertaken in 2021/22 we developed 13 aims for our work in this area looking forwards. Projects funded from the ERC are encouraged to align with these areas.

Pilllar Aim
Career Development Diversifying recruitment, reward and recognition approaches at all career stages; Securing and supporting the careers of researchers and associated professions
Collegiality Tackling bullying and harassment
Open Research Furthering open research practices
Research Design Improving access to and participation in research, including postgraduate research study, for people from currently underrepresented groups; Creating routes for collaboration and exchange with businesses, third sector organisations and government; Delivering new approaches to public dialogue and community-led research
Research Ethics and Integrity Improving research conduct and reproducibility
Research Recognition Improving research leadership skills across all career stages; Diversifying recruitment, reward and recognition approaches at all career stages

Enhancing Research Culture Fund Open Call

Staff are invited to submit applications for projects that align with the objectives of the ERC fund as identified by Research England. We particularly encourage applications that align with the six pillars of research culture at the University of Bath and which support the objectives of the Research England funding.

Applications should be submitted to Katy McKen, Head of Research Policy and Information in Research and Innovation Services (RIS), using the application form by Friday 25 November.


The total funding available for projects via this call is £330,000. This will be split into two funding streams; around £130,000 will be allocated to continuing activities funded from the 2021/22 Enhancing Research Culture fund with around £200,000 expected to be used to fund new activities. The remainder of the funding will be allocated for staff costs supporting Research Culture at the University.

We expect projects to be in the range of £10-40k. Projects should be able to start in December 2022 and complete by 31 July 2023.

We anticipate receiving a similar funding allocation next year, so whilst this application is for projects that will complete in this academic year (end July 2023), please think about how the project could be extended if you were to receive funding next year. There is space to comment on this in the application form.

Assessment Criteria

A Review Panel consisting of the following members will review applications:

  • Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Head of Research Policy & Information
  • Members of the Research Culture Working Group

The following criteria will be used to assess all applications:

  • What is the problem/need the project is addressing and how well does this align to the aims of the Enhancing Research Culture Fund? (1-10)
  • What difference will the project make to research culture at the University of Bath (1-10)
  • Timely and cost-effective deliverable (1-10)
    • The amount of funding requested is realistic and time-relevant for achieving the proposed timeframe.
    • Applicants have clearly articulated the reason for the requested funding level and how this demonstrates good value for money.