Always wear a helmet

You should always wear a helmet when riding an e-scooter, to protect your head. If you take a selfie with your helmet on you'll also earn loyalty points.

Activate Beginner's mode if you're a new rider

If you are new to riding an e-scooter you can choose to activate Beginner’s mode in the Voi app. This will reduce the maximum speed of the scooter, enabling you to start off slowly while you get used to using the accelerator and brakes.

Be considerate of other road users

You must never ride on pavements; use a cycle lane if one is available, or ride close to the left of the road. Look out for traffic, especially at junctions, and if you're turning remember to signal with the scooter's indicators. Leave plenty of room around children, older or disabled people, and be prepared to slow down or stop.

You must follow all traffic signs and signals, and stop for red lights.

Don’t ride when you've been drinking alcohol

You must never ride an e-scooter while drunk or otherwise intoxicated. It is extremely unsafe for you and others. The Voi app has an automatic reaction time test on weekend nights, which prompts you to use safer transport alternatives if you have poor test results.

Never ride with more than one person

More than one person on an e-scooter is banned, as it will affect your balance and the functionality of the brakes. Sharing a scooter risks seriously injuring both riders.

Don’t hold a mobile phone or wear earphones

You should never text or answer calls while riding a scooter, or wear earphones as this can prevent you from hearing your surroundings. The Voi e-scooters have a phone holder so you can use navigation apps as you ride, but you should keep both hands on the handlebar while you're travelling.

Use the official parking spots

In Bath you're only allowed to leave your scooter in a designated parking spot. Use the Voi app to plan your journey and find the best parking spot before you begin the ride. You can't leave your scooter outside these areas.

No Riding Zones

There are also some areas where you are not allowed to ride a scooter. These are marked in darker grey on the map.

You can also watch this video from Voi on how to ride safely.