On Sunday 23 May, UCAS will be making major changes to the interface between their systems and those of universities. This is a sector wide change impacting all universities that is beyond the control of the Digital Data and Technology department. Tribal, the software supplier of SAMIS, have written and tested a series of changes that will adapt SAMIS to work with the new UCAS interface.

What this means for you:

On the morning of Monday 24 May UCAS expect to confirm that they have made their changes successfully. When they do so, Digital Data and Technology will need to load this new software so that the nightly interface between the University and UCAS runs correctly. This means that SAMIS will be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes from 5pm on Monday 24 May.

Due to the nature of the technical work required, this will mean that all aspects of SAMIS will be impacted and there will be no service for that period.

We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.