Following the updated Higher Education guidance, we are remaining open for face-to-face teaching as planned.

We are pleased to announce that the automated 'Re:View Scheduler Tool' introduced during the academic year 2018/19 is now available.

The manual recording system used in 2020/21 remains available on teaching PCs.

Process for requesting a recording (teaching staff)

If you want your timetabled session(s) automatically recorded by the scheduler:

  1. Contact your Unit Convenor to request that your timetabled session(s) be added to the scheduler. Only the Unit Convenors can select sessions to record
  2. Turn up to your session and it will automatically be recorded

Things to consider

  • Once your session has been added to the Scheduler, as long as your session has your Unit Code attached to it, then the system will automatically update to reflect any timetable changes (provided it's more than 2 hours before the session). You can check whether your session has the Unit Code attached in MyTimetable - if it is already attached, there is no requirement to contact the Timetabling Unit
  • The Scheduling Tool is linked to the Timetabling system. Therefore all sessions must be in the timetable system to be selectable by the Unit Convenors
  • If you want to control the recording (edit, delete or control access) your Unit Convenor must add you to the recording section within Panopto

Process for scheduling a recording (Unit Convenor)

  1. Ensure you are either on-campus or connected to the VPN if working remotely
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter your University username and password
  4. Check the tick box next to each session to schedule the recording (or tick the 'Select All' box to select all sessions)
  5. Select 'Submit'

Exciting new feature

Status lights have been installed so attendees can see when a session is being recorded.

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