Due to all the great nominations received this year the Selection Committee specifically honoured an individual and team for their commitment during these unprecedented times and added the Contribution during COVID19 Award.

The Staff Recognition Award for Contribution during COVID19

Rockhill Tembi Focho, International Mobility Coordinator - International Relations Office

Rockhill has ensured an excellent student experience has been at the forefront of his work for outgoing Erasmus+ students (nearly 400 study and work placements), providing dedicated support to students who are due to travel overseas for a mobility experience. This year Rockhill's response to supporting students in the Covid-19 context went far above his role. He ensured that all of his promotions were in digital format, developed video content and virtual drop in sessions to support students and personally ensured all students were contacted. Nearly all students were impacted in some way and Rockhill dealt with a variety of enquires from financial disadvantage to an inability to travel back to the UK, he consistently managed a variety of challenges with empathy and a passion to deliver a quality experience for students.

Rockhill not only has positively touched many students lives during a particularly challenging time with compassion and humour he has also been an advocate and champion of the core value of putting students at the heart of everything we do within the International Relations Office going above and beyond...

The University's PPE Production Team

The University's PPE Production Team has done an exceptional job at supporting colleagues both within the university, but also those on the frontline of the COVID-19 efforts within our community. To date (June 2020), this had resulted in the production of 70,000 face shields, 2,200 gowns and several 10’s of thousands of eye protection, in addition to many thousands of smaller items crucial for ensuring the safety of key workers. The volunteering campaign has been nothing short of exceptional. Staff have worked continuously through bank holidays, evenings and weekends for over 60 days. The group dedication has managed to secure over £50k worth of funds so far, to ensure that all this PPE could be provided free of charge to those who need it. Externally the PPE has been supplied to the RUH, BRI, BaNES council, pharmacies, care homes, hospices, the police force and to many other key worker groups. Internally the PPE has been supplied to all front-line workers to ensure that face-to-face contact has been as safe as possible - it truly has been a team effort. Beyond those volunteering on the production line there has been assistance from cleaners, security, numerous admin offices and the mail room.

Please do pass on our immense thanks to all of your staff and volunteers. The visors are absolutely superb, very comfortable and we are so grateful to you all for the tremendous work that you have all done in making them. As an example of how important your work is,I can't remember when I last wore a non-University of Bath visor. Where would we be without you all? Thank you all so much! Dr Andy Georgiou, Lead Consultant for Critical Care, RUH

The Staff Recognition Award for Manager / Leader of the Year

Christoper Bonfield, Technology Enhanced Learning Manager - Centre for Learning and Teaching

Chris has shown incredible leadership not only during these unprecedented times, but throughout the year. He has been the manager responsible for the move to online teaching and assessment at the University during COVID-19. Without him, it is unlikely that the move to online teaching would have been even close to the success it has been.

He has far exceeded what could be expected of someone in his role and is a real asset to the institution.

The Staff Recognition Award for Enhancing the Student Experience

Matthew Dales, Developer, DDaT

Working on the PIMS project (Placements Information Management System - a pivotal in-house support platform), the commitment that Matt showed went above what would reasonably be expected of a developer and is one the main reasons for the project’s success. His vision offered solutions which transformed the project, he took on new roles to ensure the project hit critical paths and the results of the project are extremely valuable for the whole of the University.

...can only echo the content of the testimonials, not only did Matt fully engage with the needs of the stakeholders but he went above and beyond to deliver a solution in a very short timeframe.

The Security Services Team

The Security Services team are the only team available 365 days per year, providing support to all students, staff, visitors as well as ensuring we have a safe campus and environment. Much of their time is spent supporting students outside office hours, both on and off campus (c.3500 students usually residing on campus, c.1000 off campus and many more in private accommodation). The Security senior management provides daily advice on a wide range of issues to support staff and students who have been victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault, harassment, racial abuse and fraud etc.

Having seen them work in stressful situations when students are in crisis, and in personal cases where we have sought help, they have made us feel safe, listened to and heard by the institution that often overlooks people of colour, especially women of colour. We understand that it has been an incredibly difficult year for the team with the passing of Brian Schofield, but nevertheless the team have not faltered and we have had no complaints from students when it comes to their experience with security. It has made us feel that that they are incredibly deserving of this award.

The Staff Recognition Award for Environmental and Sustainability Ambassador

Peter Phelps, Energy and Environment Manager - Estates Department

Peter has sustained championing of sustainability issues at the University of Bath over the past 15+ years and his contributions have frequently extended far beyond his role, including, but not limited to, continuous lobbying, engagement, support, encouragement, hard work and being instrumental in setting up the CAF Process. Peter has been responsible for ensuring the Bath was the first university in the UK to have a carbon management plan (from 2004). Under his leadership the university has cut its carbon emissions by over 30% since 2005 and has led and managed the Green Champions scheme.

I think what has impressed me most is how Peter willingly and actively engages with all stakeholders – staff, students as well as the administration. He has the ear of many because of his integrity and depth of understanding. Brilliant and inspiring!

Hospitality and Recycling Team

The team created and developed a new and innovative scheme ‘The Exchange’ which is shaping the way that staff and students view the need for single use coffee cups. Since the introduction of ‘The Exchange’ in mid-September 2019 until the outlets closed in March this year, the scheme has stopped 24 thousand single use cups from being used. ‘The Exchange’ epitomises protecting what matters and will continue to shape our ongoing challenge to Leave No Trace.

It was the novel thinking of the team, along with their passion and dedication to improving views on the disposable culture, that implemented this successful project.

The Staff Recognition Award for Supporting Colleagues

Emma Dowden, Pre-Award Development Officer - Research and Innovation Services

Emma provides exceptional one-to-one tailored support for researchers, and continually goes above and beyond; proactively offering on-going and in-depth support before, during and after the submission process; ensuring she can share relevant process updates and face-to-face support (now adapting virtually). Over 40 University staff have provided heartfelt and appreciative testimony as to the role that Emma has played in supporting the development and submission of grant applications for three Departments (Psychology, Computer Science, and Politics, Languages and International Studies (PoLIS). Colleagues praised her in-depth knowledge, exceptionally fast response times to requests and ability, willingness and positivity to provide suggestions that substantially improve grant applications.

Emma is absolutely vital for making proposals competitive and she is the backbone of making research and collaborations possible in the three Departments.

The Technology Enhanced Learning Team - Centre for Learning and Teaching

The TEL team have done an excellent job supporting academic and professional support staff to reflect on, design and deliver teaching and learning face-to-face and online. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, and with less than 30 hours’ notice, the whole team truly excelled and provided sector-leading pedagogical and technological support and guidance to our entire community of learners in order to teach online. They have received praise from across the institution for the quality, patience and timeliness of their advice; externally, they have been noted in international webinars hosted by JISC for providing staff with outstanding guidance.

It is my most sincere belief that without the entire TEL Team's collective expertise, commitment and energy to plan and deliver quickly a raft of high-quality advice and tools for academics, the entire Semester 2 online operation involving learning, teaching and assessment could well have failed... This is a team on which the University must, and clearly can, rely heavily over the coming months and years.