Serious Play

Fadoua Govaerts, a doctoral student from the Department of Education, is a member of a staff and student group that last year set up a seminar series aiming to promote a positive research culture. As part of this series, Fadoua created a Lego and research methodologies workshop for doctoral students.

The workshop used Lego to improve critical, problem solving and creative thinking skills. The workshop was then incorporated into the wider Doctoral Skills programme available to all doctoral students later in the year. The funding was used to pay for Lego kits to deliver the workshops.

Developing the Decolonising Education Collection (DEC)

Decolonising Education Collection (DEC) is a joint student-staff collective in the Department of Education. Students plan to hold several workshops in the coming months to develop co-creating a selection of audio and visual materials resources to inform Curriculum Transformation from a decolonisation perspective. They hope to connect their perspectives to those outside the Department, University of Bath, and the UK through podcasts.

The funding will be used to pay for external speakers and resources including art materials at the workshops.

Bath Black Engineering and Science Society

The society was created with an aim to connect and develop a community for Black engineering and science students across the two faculties. The student committee members have hosted events with an emphasis on wellbeing and mental health, networking, and skills development. This project continues to work to create a safe space for communication, and through liaising with the relevant EDI Teams and Faculty groups, to create further systemic change to improve student experience.

This will also hopefully contribute to the University's ongoing work of decolonising the curriculum. The funding is being used to pay for external speakers, refreshments at networking events, and prizes.