We are delighted to announce the winners of the National Student Survey (NSS), Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES), PTES for Online Courses and Unit Evaluation prize draws for 2022. Read why they participated in their survey.


  • Eliza Carey (Mathematical Sciences) - 1 x Champagne Afternoon Tea in the Pump Rooms for four

I took part in the NSS because I had a spare ten minutes and the chance to win some decent prizes! It was a good opportunity to reflect on my time in Bath and inform future students (and the University) on lived experiences of studying here. Definitely ten minutes well spent.

  • Stephanie Treanor (Psychology) - 1 x Twilight Package at the Thermae Bath Spa for two

I completed the National Student Survey to share my opinions and views about the university. The NSS is the perfect opportunity to provide hugely valuable feedback that the university can use to enhance the student experience in future years. It's important that as many students as possible complete the NSS so that the views are truly representative of university life and more students' opinions get acknowledged. It is really easy to do, and it is so important to share your real experiences in order to bring about change for the better.

  • Thomas Mason (Economics) - 1 x Graduation Gown Hire package

I decided to take part in the NSS as it provided an opportunity to reflect on my undergraduate experience at the University of Bath. Although my experience of University was compromised through two years of Covid-19, the University implemented effective measures that optimised what was capable given the restraints placed. The transition to online teaching was smooth and returning to in-person teaching was encouraged in a safe environment. I personally believe that the University could not have done a great deal more, and my final year at University has been a great experience.

  • Caitlin Czuba (Mathematical Sciences) - 1 x set of Graduation Photos

I completed the National Student Survey because I felt it was important to share my opinions on the experience I’ve had, to help the University to shape the future of learning and teaching. Past feedback has led to various improvements which have had a positive effect on my time at University, so sharing my feedback allows the University to continue to make the changes that students want to see.


  • Siu Kit Lau (Management) - 1 x £250 cash

The reason I took part in the survey is that I want to share my own experience at the University of Bath with people who are interested in studying at Bath in the future. I hope my feedback helps people to know more about postgraduate studies and to prepare themselves before the studies. I believe that providing feedback not only helps the University make improvements to all postgraduate programmes, but also let the University know what has worked well. I strongly recommend students to attend the survey in order to build a valuable and suitable school life for all students.

PTES for Online Courses

  • Matthew (Management) - 1 x £250 cash

I filled out the survey because I wanted to take the opportunity to affirm aspects of the program that are working well and to allow my voice to be heard on where I thought improvement was needed. Taking the few moments to fill out the survey helps me and all those who come after to receive a better education.

PGT Dissertation Survey

  • Health student - 1 x £50 Amazon voucher

Unit Evaluations

  • Rhianna Cowdy (Social and Policy Sciences) - 1 x £100 cash

I participated in the unit evaluations as they were a big deal in my secondary school that teachers expressed great appreciation for. I saw throughout my time in that school how feedback from students was beneficial for change and improved our learning environment. Thus why I believe it can be beneficial for Bath.

  • Rudi Spray (Architecture and Civil Engineering) - 1 x £100 cash

I participated because is important to reflect on education in order to improve the experience for ourselves and future students.

  • Sol Boon (Electronic and Electrical Engineering) - 1 x £100 cash

I’ve had some really fantastic lecturers this year who go above and beyond and I wanted them to be recognised for inspiring me.

  • Maddie Dye (Education) - 1 x £100 cash

The Online Unit Evaluations provide students with an excellent opportunity to offer thoughtful and honest feedback with the aim to enhance learning. I’m so pleased to have been given the opportunity to reflect on my work over the last year, while also play an important role in shaping future students’ learning experiences. I’d highly recommend students to get involved!

  • Ginger Frame (Physics) - 1 x £100 cash

I take part in online unit evaluations because I believe that student feedback should drive change and reform where necessary within units. In this way, the experience of past students can enhance university units for future students.

The University has shared its excellent institutional NSS 2022 results and will be releasing its PTES 2022 results later this year.