The Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost gave an update on the admissions figures for 2017/18 and also the current position with applications for 2018/19.

Health & Safety

Council received the Annual Report on Health & Safety 2016/17, and also welcomed a presentation from Chris Young (Deputy Director - Safety & Wellbeing Services) on the fire safety review which had been carried out last Autumn.

Energy and environment

Council noted the Annual Energy and Environment Report which reported on performance against four key performance indicators relating to carbon emissions and water use.


Council approved the revised financial forecast for 2017/18 and also received the Annual Efficiency Return, part of the annual accountability documentation submitted to HEFCE.

Office for Students

The Director of Policy & Planning explained the likely conditions associated with the new Office for Students’ Register.


Council received an update on the Effectiveness Review of Council. It also agreed a response to the Committee of University Chairs’ consultation on a new Higher Education Remuneration Code. It appointed Ruth Foreman as the new Vice-Chair of Council and Barry Gilbertson as the new Chair of the Remuneration Committee.


Council noted the report from the Court meeting in January and agreed the date of the next Court meeting as 7 June 2018 at 2.15pm.

Human resources

Council re-appointed Professor Jonathan Knight as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) for a further five years. It also discussed progress on recruiting a new Vice-Chancellor.

Calendars of meetings

Council agreed the calendars of meetings for 2018/19 and 2019/20.

A Pater February 2018