In response to the unique challenges facing this year’s graduating students as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the University has created the Stay Connected community which gives our class of 2020 access to a special, enhanced programme of employability, academic skills and wellbeing support. To access this support, students should first complete the ‘What’s Next’ Survey.

This programme has been put together to give students that extra support we think they may need to navigate their way through this testing climate. – Dr Cassie Wilson, Vice-President (Student Experience)

Launching on 15 July, World Youth Skills Day, Stay Connected offers our graduating students the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of skills development sessions, resources, wellbeing support and advice. Whether they are planning to look for employment or voluntary work, or want to carry on studying or do something completely different, the Stay Connected programme can help.

Once students have completed the ‘What’s Next’ Survey, they can take part in the Stay Connected programme in a number of ways, including:

  • Tune into our podcasts to help build resilience to cope with uncertainty, financial pressure and living back with their families.
  • Join our weekly virtual online chats to learn how to kick-start their job search in a volatile market, find job opportunities that will strengthen their CV and develop their networking skills.
  • Access our online resources to learn how to recognise and present their strengths effectively to a prospective employer, discover their core values to help identify the best employer for them, and brush up their communications skills to deliver presentations with impact.
  • Network with our existing worldwide Bath Alumni community, already pursuing careers in many different sectors.
  • Build their contacts through Bath Connection by searching for a contact in a particular industry, department of study or graduation year and learn about how they have developed their careers.

Each week there will be opportunities to develop employability and academic skills, get wellbeing support and join online sessions to hear from existing Alumni and other speakers on a range of topics.

If students choose to undertake further study at postgraduate level, they can brush up on their academic skills, and get ahead before they start their course through our UG to PGT Study programme, which will run during August and September. More information on this programme will follow soon.

To provide further support for this year’s graduates, we've created an award to help support them to continue studying here. Students can find out more about whether they are eligible for a 20% discount off postgraduate tuition fees for the 2020/21 academic year if they graduated from Bath in December 2019 or finished their studies in the 2019/20 academic year.

Please encourage your students to join the Stay Connected virtual community in order to benefit from this support.

Don’t forget to remind your students to join the entire University community at our virtual event on 29 July to celebrate and congratulate them on graduating this year. Please encourage them to save the date and look out for more information to be published via email, the University website and social media.

For more details of Stay Connected events and activities, keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram - #AlwaysBelongatBath.