The EPSRC's Business and Academia Prosperity Partnership fifth round funding opportunity aims to fund business-led research that arises from an industrial need, with the work being co-delivered between the business and academic partners.

Whilst there is no formal limit to the number of applications a research organisation may submit, these applications require significant resources and coordination at University level, including costing, budget negotiation and letters of support. Businesses may only lead on one bid per round, but may be a contributor to other bids as project partner.

We kindly ask colleagues interested in applying to complete our online Expression of Interest form by 17.00 on 14 October, informing the names of the academics involved and business partners (as lead or project partners). A colleague from RIS will contact you discuss as soon as possible.

Expressions of Interest to the EPSRC must be submitted by 16 November 2021. Deadline for outline applications close on 11 January 2022.