Are you unsure about your next step following graduation? Would you like to learn more about how to present your skills and experience to future employers? Are you worried about securing employment during Covid-19? Do you have issues with accommodation or finance?

Join our Stay Connected initiative, become part of our community and benefit from a wealth of advice and support.

We're here to help you, our graduates, with your next steps in this challenging climate. We're delighted to launch our Stay Connected initiative on 15 July, the United Nations’ World Youth Skills Day, which recognises the ever important need to support the skills development of the world’s young people aged 15-24.

Today, the most important skill a young person must possess is the ability to learn new skills. (EuroSkills2020)

Come and join us for a range of talks, themed discussions and networking opportunities over the next few weeks, including:

  • Help! I've moved back with my parents
  • Resilience as a key skill in uncertain markets
  • Employability skills in a post-pandemic world
  • Meet our Alumni who graduated in the 2008 downturn
  • Explore opportunities for further postgraduate study
  • Developing a job-hunting strategy for the UK graduate job market

Designed to provide you with ongoing opportunities to help you secure your next step beyond graduation, whether that takes the shape of further study, an internship, a graduate scheme or something entirely different, we want to equip you with skills, resilience and the ability to navigate an increasingly challenging landscape.

For more details of Stay Connected events and activities, keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - #AlwaysBelongatBath.