Across the 2018/19 financial year, the donations of our alumni, supporters and friends have helped to make a huge difference across the University of Bath community, from giving the gift of opportunity to 112 scholars, through to funding world-leading research for social good.

This year, we’ve raised £3.85 million thanks to 2,363 donors. Whether you’ve made a one-off donation, made a regular contribution to the Alumni Fund or supported the University in a corporate partnership, we thank you for your generosity.

The Impact Report explores the ways in which your gifts have touched the lives of thousands of people. You can read the publication or browse stories online.

Five ways your donations have helped talent to flourish at Bath

A helping hand for refugees

The University offers nonrepayable Refugee Bursaries and one of our 50 Gold Scholarships, supported by alumni and friends, is reserved for refugees. When the Syrian civil war prevented teenager Ghazala Al Ous from going to school, she trained as a midwife to help the village doctor with the overwhelming number of patients.

The experience left Ghazala with a drive to work in medicine but her plans were derailed when she was forced to flee her homeland. With our support, she is now studying Biomedical Sciences and finally able to pursue her ambitions. “I can’t tell you how happy I was,” she says. “I felt that I was in safe hands to start my degree.”

Supporting our sports stars

Juggling university studies with training towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is far from an easy feat, but sports scholarships can help to lighten the load.

“The financial aid takes huge pressure off my family and me, and without it the cost of studying and training would have made this year much more challenging,” says swimmer and Mechanical Engineering student Tom Dean, who is supported by a Bill Whiteley Scholarship. “This means I am able to focus on my work both in and out of the pool. Thank you once again for your help.”

Funding cutting-edge medical research

Detecting infection in burns at an early stage can be critical, particularly in developing countries. Professor Toby Jenkins has developed a dressing that changes colour in response to the presence of toxic bacteria, meaning medical staff can avoid unnecessary changes of bandages.

The research project was started thanks to support from the James Tudor Foundation, the Annett Trust and our alumni, unlocking further funding of £1.5 million in research council grants. The prototype is now being used to save lives in Burma.

Enabling the arts

Arts scholarships offer creative students the opportunity to further their skills – whether those are in sculpture or saxophone. Nick Berry Arts Scholar Andrés Lopez Moreno is a classical guitarist, who performed at the Vice-Chancellor’s inauguration event in 2019.

He says: “I have received mentoring that has greatly helped my development, and I won a competition that I would have had no hope of attending without your help. I have now started taking lessons in orchestral conducting at the Royal College of Music, which has been a dream of mine for years.”

Letting dreams take flight

Your donations to the Alumni Fund aren’t just inspiring our students, but the local community as well. Thanks to a grant from the Fund, the Bath University Rocket Team were able to design, manufacture and launch the Mallard 1 at the international 2019 Spaceport America Cup – where they reached a dizzying height of 3,740m (12,270ft) in 27 seconds.

“We would never have been able to achieve this without your support,” said the team. “The money also enabled us to conduct an outreach programme to get schoolchildren excited about engineering.”