Up to £8 million is available from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to support between six and 10 awards, each of 36 month duration. This is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund for Transforming Construction.

Led by the Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), on behalf of UKRI, the call's remit includes areas relevant to challenges beyond the engineering and physical sciences.

This call seeks to develop community leaders to lead a group that will undertake creative user-inspired research and develop innovative solutions, directly relevant to the Transforming Construction Challenge.

The award aims to support challenging research programmes within the context of the Transforming Construction challenge. It also offers award holders the opportunity to build and develop a group of talented individuals around them, in order to pursue their research vision.

Principal investigators (PIs) must dedicate at least 50% of their time to this award.

Completing our internal form to apply

Those interested in applying to the “Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Transforming Construction Research Leadership Call”, and intend to head up a University of Bath led bid as PI, are required to:

Complete our internal Expression of Interest (EoI) form

This call has demand management restrictions. The University of Bath is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 applications as the lead / host organisation. To select our 2 applicants an internal panel will be assembled in order to review the EoI form.

Note, our EOI form is based upon the EPSRC EOI submission. The demand management rules applied by EPSRC allow for Institutions to be involved in other submissions as co-investigators. Therefore if you intend to be a co-investigator on a bid either led by Bath or another institution you are not required to submit this form.

Key features of the call

  • 6-10 awards (each 36 months duration)
  • £8 Million available
  • Internal EoI due: 3pm 31 August 2018 submissions
  • EoI phase closing date 16 September 2018
  • Identifies “community leaders” and delivers “user inspired research…offering award holders the chance to build and develop a group of talented individuals around them in order to pursue their research vision within the context of the Transforming construction challenge”
  • Focuses on how buildings can be manufactured, designed, and managed through life using digital technology, and how buildings can generate power to meet their own needs
  • Applications must tackle the technical objectives of the transforming construction challenge (see Pg 3 of call)
  • PI must apply for 50% FTE of their time as minimum
  • UK Research and Innovation considers these awards to be particularly suitable for mid-career researchers