The e-course helps in understanding the implications of the natural biases we all hold. It facilitates learning in how implicit associations can and do impact on individual and group attitudes, behaviours and decision-making processes in organisations.

It provides explanations about how we can overcome our unconscious bias to improve decision making and professional relationships, and thereby create a more open, inclusive and effective organisation.

Using examples and interactive exercises the course takes a straightforward look at one of the most important current issues in diversity management. With unconscious bias, the focus is no longer only about supporting under-represented groups but instead on creating more inclusive cultures where difference is explored and an understanding that it's time for change.

This package gives us a clear, concise and informative look at how our unconscious bias can influence the outcome of our decisions. It should only take about 15 minutes.

All staff are encouraged to do the course, which now sits alongside Diversity in the Workplace, our main equality and diversity training module.

It is mandatory for all managers to have done both courses by 31 December 2014. New managers are required to do both within three months of taking up their new role.

All those who have already carried out one of the Marshalls e-modules have been sent an email with password details to access the training. Others can access it at Any access queries should be addressed to