To mark Men's health awareness month the University is launching its new male mental health campaign MENtion it.

MENtion it is a collaborative campaign between Student Support, The SU, Student Minds and the University to offer a range of support to men (including those that identify as a man or male) who are struggling with their mental health. Recognising that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to mental health and wellbeing, we hope that every male student who is looking for support will find something that appeals to them.

We have launched a Talk Club which is a talking and listening club for men, helping men to keep mentally fit by giving them a secure and private space to share and support others. There are no therapists, and there’s no judgement – just regular men, in a private and safe space, listening and talking. The group is run by two trained male peers.

In the hope of normalising and increasing the number of men that seek support, students and staff across the university have come together to be part of the campaign encouraging students to ‘MENtion it’ when faced with challenges or difficult times. Posters, signage and social media will start to appear around campus.

The campaign also brings together the charities and support services available to men in one place. We would encourage all students to ask for help if they need it. You can speak to:

Visit the MENtion it webpage for full details on the campaign.